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It's made from safe, non-toxic plastic

It's easy to clean

Long handle for ease of picking up ball

Dog treats not included

Why choose the treat launcher?

A mental and physical workout for your dog

Your dog was born to work so give
them a job they will love

Physical and mental exercise through interactive toys has been shown to significantly reduce unwanted behaviours as a result of boredom. The treat launcher is the only feeding accessory on the market to combine both physical exercise and mental activity for your four legged friends.

By feeding your dogs daily meals and a few extra yummy treats through the treat launcher and putting away food bowls you will see a much happier, healthier, satisfied pet as instead of mealtime being over in seconds, your dogs will be going back to their natural instincts by hunting for their food in a game of chase, sniff, find and eat and what is even better they are playing it with their favourite person in the universe... You!